Corporate Events

Our Corporate Events Hog Roast Menus

If you are hosting an important corporate event in Birmingham, you will want it to go well so that you make a good impression. After all, you will be inviting important people to your event, including your customers.

The Hog Roast Birmingham team takes a professional approach at all times. We take all of the stress out of catering for such an event.

All you need to do is to browse through our extensive menus, choose what you want, and let us know how many people are likely to be attending your event. From that point on you can relax and let us take the strain.

  • Classic Gourmet Buffet
    An exciting twist on the traditional classic, Perfect for anniversaries, parties and entertaining.
  • Classic Spit Roast
    Choose from a wide selection of different spit roasts or BBQ options.
  • Dining Menu
    Something special-A little more than your traditional hog roast – served on to real crockery and quality cutlery.

We will set to work as soon as we receive your order, planning your event and making sure we have the necessary people and resources in place. Our catering team will order the high-quality ingredients that we need from our local suppliers.

Your personal catering manager will oversee all of this and attend the event on the day. He or she will ensure that all of your needs are met, and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

On the day of your event, our chefs, waiters and front of house staff will arrive early. They will set up the buffet table, and start the cooking process. If you have opted for our formal sit down service we will lay the tables using the stylish crockery and cutlery that we provide. Once the food is cooked it will all be served by our staff.

The Hog Roast Birmingham team has several corporate clients who use us for all of their special events. We sincerely hope that you will also become one of our regular customers.