Hog Roast Bordesley Green

Hog Roast Bordesley Green brings the very best in hog-roast and fine meat catering to the area of Bordesley Green and all throughout the city of Birmingham. Our flexible catering methods allow us to work to any type of event and budget, so whether you need catering for a wedding, corporate affair, party, or even a small dinner party, Hog Roast Bordesley Green will not disappoint with our exquisite menu options. We specialise in slow-roasted pork offerings and as such we put an onus on sourcing the highest quality meats to give you the very best in premium taste experience, without the premium cost. Additionally we believe in supporting local industry which is why always endeavour to shop locally from only the best local stock too.

Our team here at Hog Roast Bordesley Green are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality service possible. At every step of our catering we ensure top quality. With such a premium quality of meat stock, our team and cooking process must do your food correct justice too by ensuring we get the very best out of its texture and flavour. By preparing fresh over many hours, our renowned slow roasting process brings your meal to an exact perfection; your hog roast is guaranteed to be teeming with mouth-watering flavour and perfectly curated texture. With a cook as fine as this your meat falls deliciously off the bone to be served up in a variety of ways. Try a full plate Sunday roast or as a filling to a crusted bread roll.

Expert Service and Food For Bordesley Green

Hog RoastOur prime trade may be in hog roast catering, but we are more than able to bring you quality in the form of a vast array of menu options. To be served buffet style, or in sit down set-menu dining, we have many meat choices, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to ensure everyone is well catered for. Hog Roast Bordesley Green’s expert team are happy to work personal to you to find a menu combination specific to your needs and budget, and it will always come with the same quality guarantee assured of all of our dishes.

So don’t hold out – there’s no better time than the present to be booking Hog Roast Bordesley Green for your next event!