Hog Roast Old Oscott

Hog Roast Old Oscott brings the very best in hog-roast and fine meat catering to events all throughout Birmingham and the suburb of Old Oscott. At Hog Roast Old Oscott we bring premium dining at an affordable cost to any size or type of event. Whether you want us for a wedding, corporate affair, party, or dinner party, Hog Roast Old Oscott will not disappoint with our exquisite menu options. We specialise in slow-roasted pork offerings and as such we put an onus on sourcing the highest quality meats so that every cut is the best it can be. Additionally we believe in local industry which is why we also source our products locally as well.

With our incredible team of expert chefs and cater staff, Hog Roast Old Oscott can guarantee that we’ll get you and your guests properly fed with some truly exquisite and mouth-watering pork cuts. Our spit-roast is as incredible to watch as it is to eat, as we prepare the hog fresh in front of you on the day of your event. Our cooking practices have been refined over a generation to create a slow roast that results in the most perfectly textured and finely flavoured pork roast imaginable. There is no better dish for your event.

Expert Service and Food For Old Oscott

Hog RoastOur team here at Hog Roast Old Oscott are devoted to bringing out the very best in every one of our jobs; they will ensure that your guests are well catered for with a friendly attitude, and their expert knowledge on all thing’s food will ensure that you are given the very best in catered dining. And of course while we’d always recommend you try our hog roast; we’ll understand if you want something a bit different. We have both buffet and set-menu options, and each come with alternative meat choices, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to ensure that we can meet any dietary requirements. Don’t think that a wide array of options means that any quality is lost however – we will still provide the same premium taste no matter the choice at a price flexible to you.

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