Hog Roast Quinton

Tried a multitude of catering services for events in the past that just didn’t quite cut it? Getting stuck with costs that are too high for the food and service offered? Lost and worried about how to serve up a fine meal for your many guests at an upcoming wedding, corporate function, birthday, or anniversary? Well panic no longer, Hog Roast Quinton are here to provide the finest in slow roast and meat catering at a flexible and affordable cost all throughout Quinton and wider Birmingham. Hog Roast Quinton are specialists in fine meat cooking, with a team of expert chefs dedicated to serving up the most exquisite hog roast in the whole country to your event. Our practices have been so refined over the years, with our very own mobile spit roaster slow roasting over hours to create the most exquisitely tasting and well textured meat roast. There is nothing else quite like it on the market.

Our business is in top quality, right from every level of our service from top to bottom. Starting at the bottom we carefully ensure that every one of our ingredients and meats is sourced from only the best local stock available. With such fine meats as these requires the utmost quality of our incredible staff to then do justice by it by correctly and lovingly preparing your roast fresh on the day of your event. Our process is then agonised over with years of expert knowledge. The result? A wonderful hog or other food roast that can be served up in a multitude of incredible ways. Try our freshly made hand pulled pork rolls, teeming with delicious and finely salted flavour; or as a full plate Sunday roast complete with similarly quality roasted veg and potatoes topped off by our unbeatable homemade gravy.

Your Food Your Way In Quinton

Hog Roast Quinton are delighted to be able to serve up a loving meal for any and every guest. With a vast array of quality food options there is something to be found for everyone at Hog Roast Quinton. Choose a menu serving personal to your event, with choices of many meats, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options available to serve as a feastful buffet or carefully curated set-menu combination.

However you want it, Hog Roast Quinton will provide it – so call today!