Hog Roast Ley Hill Corporate Catering for a Delivery Company

After his staff had worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make sure their customers got their much-needed essentials and goods bought on-line, Chris, the owner of a local delivery company decided that they deserved a treat. He wanted to put a buffet on for his employees and treat them to a lovely meal that was worthy of their hard work. With social restrictions still in place at their premises though, he wasn’t sure what would be the best way to go about this. Hog Roast Ley HillAfter coming up short from his initial few enquiries, he made the very wise move of contacting us here at Hog Roast Ley Hill. As well as being impressed by our classy yet great value for money corporate catering packages, he was also very reassured by the adjustments we have made in order to cater effectively and safely during this transition period. We explained the measures we have put in place and the PPE that we wear to protect our team and our clients whilst we are catering for events, as well as our prowess in catering in outdoor environments, and he decided to hire us right there and then!

We arrived early in the morning in order to be ready to serve bang on 1pm and set up in the outdoor space outside of the company’s premises. We got to work freshly preparing all of our dishes, including our irresistible slow roasted pork, along with jacket potatoes, a classic Caesar salad, cous cous and a fresh green salad. Chris’s team arrived right on time, all eager to tuck into the enticing buffet their boss was treating them to. The Hog Roast Ley Hill team managed to serve everyone safely and efficiently and before long everyone was enjoying our superb freshly made food and succulent, ethically reared pork. Chris was thrilled with how much everyone enjoyed it and he said it was the first time him and his team had managed to relax at work in months! The Hog Roast Ley Hill team were really glad everyone enjoyed it so much and that even with restrictions in place, it didn’t stop us from providing our usual high standard of food and customer service!



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