Hog Roast Marston Green

Hog Roast Marston GreenIf you are planning a party or special celebration, this is where you need to be. The hog roast Marston Green team has been providing tasty food for all kinds of events and parties, for more than a decade. We have the experience you need to make sure all of your guests, regardless of their dietary needs or tastes, are well-fed and kept happy.

Hog Roast Marston Green has Highly varied menus

Our team loves what they do, so are always looking for ways to improve their service. This is great news for you because it means that our menus are kept up to date and reflect the tastes of people in the area.

Naturally, we still provide traditional hog roasts. People still love the tasty succulent pulled pork, served in a roll with a sauce and sometimes stuffing. However, we appreciate that not everyone likes pork or meat, for that matter. For this reason, we also offer a range of vegetarian dishes, canap├ęs, salads and desserts.

State of the art catering for any type of event

Hog Roast Marston GreenThe modern spit roasting machines that we use allow our professionally trained chefs to cook virtually any kind of meats. Your wedding, corporate event or party guests can enjoy spit roasted beef, lamb, turkey or chicken. Or if you prefer the Hog Roast Marston Green team can provide you with barbecued items like burgers, steaks and sausages.

Everything we cook is made with the best ingredients. Once ready, the food can be laid out on a buffet table, served as a carvery roast or we create a hot meal that our waiters can serve you at the table.

Go ahead and book a Hog Roast for your Event

Our friendly staff are always happy to talk you through all of the available options and discuss any additional requirements that you may have, to ensure that we can provide you with the best catering experience for your requirements. Whether you’re ready to book a hog roast for your event, or still like to learn more about how we can help you. To contact us, simply give us a call, or email us with your details and we’ll get back to you quickly.