Hog Roast Rednal– A Royal Weekend Of Great Dining

Hog Roast RednalHog Roast Rednal deals in royal dining already, which is why the past weekend say our catered services being employed up and down the country as orders rolled in for coronation parties and celebratory events all across the bank holiday weekend.

Our hog roast is basically the king of dining as is, and certainly fits the bill as a main dish for a royal feast – you just have to look at the whole spectacle of the thing to get what we are talking about. It is a historic dish primed for such a historic day, and so many of our customers picked the right choice in ordering a Hog Roast Rednal hog roast for their coronation parties. A lot of these parties had lots of guests at them, which is another benefit of the hog roast since even just one large whole roasted pig can feed about one hundred guests at once – and that’s even before we get to all the mouth-watering accompaniments and freshly made sides to go with it! With perfect golden roasties available, or a selection of fries, salads, slaws, canapes bites and more this was the king of catered dining from Hog Roast Rednal.

Hog Roast RednalAnother popular choice for such a British celebration was a favoured British staple  , the great barbecue! At Hog Roast Rednal we serve our own gourmet version of the British sausage and burgers barbecue classic, opting to make our meats by hand and packing them with plenty of flavour and seasoning. For outdoor coronation parties our barbecues went down a treat. There were a couple events with big screens set up so that guests could take in all the coronation action with the comfort of a sausage roll or a burger and freshly made slaw and salad side. What better a way to toast to a king!

We at Hog Roast Rednal loved being a part of all of your coronation events and were delighted to share in your small slice of history at the weekend. We hope our foods provided all the royalty you required for your coronation weekend!

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