Barbecue for the win with Hog Roast Moor Green!

Barbecues are a great and easy way to feed a party of guests, but who wants to be behind the grill on their birthday?! Leave the cooking to Hog Roast Moor Green and enjoy entertaining and catching up with your guests. At least that’s what Jack did for his 50th! 

Hog Roast Moor GreenHog Roast Moor Green’s BBQ menu isn’t just your usual mundane BBQ food. First on this delicious menu is our superbly tender, fall off the bone smoked BBQ pork ribs. Hog Roast Moor Green marinades the ribs for 24 hours in our Texan-style BBQ sauce before smoking them fresh on the BBQ. As the ribs sizzle away, the smell is absolutely to die for leaving guests with rumbling bellies! Another Hog Roast Moor Green delicacy is their Thai chicken kebabs. Chicken breast pieces are carefully placed on bamboo skewers between juicy bell pepper cubes and sweet red onion slices.

Before placing the chicken onto the skewer, it is marinaded in red or green Thai curry paste for 6-8 hours to absorb the flavour. If the chicken skewers do not take your fancy, then we can butterfly chicken breasts with peri-peri, Cajun or paprika seasoning to add a kick to the tastebuds. Of course, it wouldn’t be a barbecue without burger and sausages. Hog Roast Moor Green’s burgers are 100% British beef patties sourced from the local butchers. Hog Roast Moor Green’s flavourful Cumberland sausages are also sourced from the local butchers filled with a variety of herbs; black pepper, sage, thyme, onion and garlic. The catering managers always bring burger cheese slices to create the ultimate cheeseburger and of course sliced white onions to top the sausages with. 

To please the vegetarians and vegans amongst the guests, halloumi skewers with Mediterranean vegetables and vegan roasted red pepper and butternut squash sausages are served, ensuring to be cooked first so not to cross-contaminate with the meat products.  

With a fresh mixed salad, homemade coleslaw and sweet potato fries at the ready, Jack’s guests dived into the divine BBQ goodness and were delighted with the choice and selection of condiments. 

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