Call Hog Roast Quinton For All Your Catering Needs

With your very own Hog Roast Quinton menu featured at your next event or party, we’ll impress your guests with exactly what they’re after, as you can make sure that their personal tastes and special diets are all catered for. While we’re known for our succulent hog roast centrepieces, created after the top-quality, free-range meat is lovingly prepared and then slowly cooked to perfection over several hours, we’re also known for our many alternatives too, including tasty spit-roasts and barbecues, options for all kinds of diets and additional dishes too, in case you’re thinking of a multi-course menu. Hog Roast QuintonIn terms of a traditional hog roast, you can choose yours to be made either into pigs in buns (which is what we call hog roast rolls) or as part of a plated meal, served together with your favourite vegetables and potatoes. Hog Roast Quinton pigs in buns include hot, moist meat, salty, crispy crackling and our own-recipe sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, while a plated meal has the same delicious trimmings but also comes smothered with our own homemade onion gravy too. Our signature food is loved by many, far and wide, and we’re often to cater in other areas by repeat customers who can’t get enough of them.If you’d prefer a spit roast or barbecue, though, rest assured that you’ll still get top-quality meat, sourced from trusted suppliers of farmers and butchers who we have long-standing relationships with, and you can select whether to enjoy yours with vegetables and potatoes, salads or just fresh bread rolls and wraps – it’s all up to you. We also offer various standalone menus, like our Southern Slow Roast, Loaded Fries and Alfresco, for something that little bit unique for your special occasion, or you can decide on your own menu from scratch if you’d like, simply by mixing and matching items between our menus to do so. We have some lovely canapés, starters, sides and desserts to add to your main if you’d like more than one course. For all of your catering needs, Hog Roast Quinton are the ones to call, so get on the phone today.

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