Feeling The Heat With Hog Roast Minworth

Just when we thought it was time to unfortunately say goodbye to summer we get surprised by a final heatwave to kick off September. When the sun comes out in Britain you know that we all have to make the most of it while we can, and so for the catering team at Hog Roast Minworth that has fortunately meant a lot of great outdoor events this week!

Hog Roast MinworthOur team made sure to lather on the sun cream while we attended your outdoor events this week. We’re used to feeling a bit of heat working with our roasts and grilling up your fresh dinners, but even for us this was quite the blast of heat indeed. All the more reason then to keep our customers nice and refreshed with our fresh summer foods, including delicious Italian inspired platters, the most colourful grazing tables of fresh salads, veggies, slaws, and finger foods, and of course the classics of our own gourmet British barbecue! Hog Roast Minworth knows how to keep our customers happy in the sun, and it always involves a healthy stock of delicious fresh foods!

Many events scheduled previously for this week were lucky enough to switch tact and take their event outside where possible. Adapting to a quick change of schedule like that is no problem for Hog Roast Minworth. We have the experience and the skill to be quick on our feet, plus our mobile roasting machines allow us to easily set up indoor or out. In fact when it comes to hog roasting our preference is often to cook outdoors when we can, because outside the hog roast can more freely achieve its full fiery and smoky spectacle. It is, after all, how the traditional fire pit spit roasts tended to be made, and we’re nothing if not a stickler for history and tradition!

And while of course outdoor events are all well and great, as a caterer we do also understand the importance of ensuring guest safety and comfort, especially in such drastic hear. We do our best when taking events outside to offer shade for both the guests and our food so that both can stay fresh!

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