Golf And A Roast For Your Stag Do With Hog Roast Tyburn

When you are about to get married there is only one last thing to do beforehand – head out for a weekend of golf, food, and drinking with your mates. Last week Hog Roast Tyburn were invited to join Jason and his stag group of 16 for an evening of fine roasts and ‘less than fine roasts’ for the stag himself.

The party were booked in to a golf club for the weekend. Jason being a big fan of the sport was delighted to get out on the links for the entire afternoon and take some swings. Our Hog Roast Tyburn team, meanwhile, came into the golf clubhouse and set up our cooking space in one of the venue’s grand dining halls. To pair with the golfing excursion our chef’s couldn’t have thought of much better than a hog roast buffet with a canape service to begin. The stag team returned to the venue after the time out on the links and after freshening up soon came down to the dining hall where our team were able to meet them with a welcome glass of bubbly and a selection of delicious canapes. The order of the date dictated that Jason would be entering the room last having not known that he was going to be enjoying a roast with a ‘roast’.

Hog Roast TyburnThe surprise worked like a charm and so soon thereafter it was down to serving out our hog roast buffet, complete with one hog roast, one beef roast, herb dressed new potatoes, gourmet coleslaw, seasonal veg and mixed leaves, chicken or veg and halloumi skewers, and a pick of the remaining canapes. As guests finished up and our Hog Roast Tyburn team cleared the table, Jason was then shown to chair at the front of the room for his second surprise – ‘the comedy roast of Jason’. One by one his friends came up and told jokes at Jason’s expense, with the stag, to his credit, taking it all in good graces. His reward for enduring was a cheesecake dessert served by the Hog Roast Tyburn team before we packed up for good and headed out to leave the party to it.

We certainly enjoyed the play on words for the event, and we hope that Jason and his party enjoyed the whole weekend!

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