Hog Roast catering for Vintage Fair in Digbeth!

Vintage is all the rage at the moment, with more and more people ditching modernity and acquiring a taste for the décor, crockery, ornaments and clothing from a bygone age. Everything that was deemed outdated is making a comeback and vintage fairs are becoming increasingly popular. The organisers of a very successful local vintage fair contacted Hog Roast Digbeth recently, because as well as offering retro cupcakes and coffee served in colourful 1970s mugs, they also wanted to offer their vintage-buying visitors something more substantial in the food department. You can’t get more vintage than hog roast cooking, which has been around for considerably longer than the gramophones and cloche hats on sale at the fair! Our vintage fair hosts wanted to hire Hog Roast Digbeth because they admired how we have managed put our own stamp on this traditional cooking method, to make it appeal to a modern crowd, in much the same way as the purveyors of vintage classics have made what once was seen as old-fashioned, now seem exciting and cool!

It’s always great for us to hear from people who appreciate our ethos, and we were only too happy to showcase our own classic cooking with a modern twist for the attendees of the latest vintage gathering! Another great thing about the way we work, is that we can cope with feeding a high volume of people at events of this nature, without cutting corners or compromising on quality, even if the demand is higher than anticipated. We have never catered for an event yet where people have been waiting ages to get served, or worse still, we have had to send people away hungry! The nature of our catering methods and our level-headed, quick thinking catering team will always ensure every single diner is served quickly and fed well and this event was no exception! Even though the vintage fair was packed out and every single person there seemed to want to try Hog Roast Digbeth’s legendary slow-roasted pork, from the first to the last, every single person was served to a consistently high standard and everyone walked away from our catering marquee with a big smile on their face!


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