Hog Roast Newtown – What’s Your Roast For Each Season?

Roast dining is obviously one of our most favourite culinary practices in the UK, and it very certainly our favourite here at Hog Roast Newtown. But the beauty of the roast is that it can be slightly different for everyone. We all have our favourite parts of any roast; some of us would send back a plate if it didn’t have at least two Yorkshire puddings, never mind none at all, whereas some of us need everything drenched in as much gravy as possible before we begin tucking in. Some roasts are all about the meat you pick, whereas some of us just want the plate piled high with as many roast potatoes can fit on the plate.

Then of course there is the question of which roast is best for each time of yHog Roast Newtownear. At Hog Roast Newtown we are undoubtedly bias in favour of the hog roast all year round, but even we love a good turkey roast at Christmas. The time of year can be so important to people’s preference of roast, so what kind of roast is your favourite each season?

We all know that turkey is king during December, but come January and February you might be more inclined to go with one of the fattier roasts such as beef or pork for the added comfort on those colder winter nights. Spring is perfect for a lamb roast, meanwhile, or the lightness of a chicken roast with a nice drizzling of gravy on a warmer spring or summer’s day. Lamb can sometimes be the forgotten roast, possibly on account of its leaner style of meat when we’re all about the fattier meats in the UK because of our colder climate. Still, a good lamb roast can be just perfect on a sunny day, especially with some cooling mint sauce paired with the lamb, and some herb dressed new potatoes for mopping up.

Come summer it is either a barbecue or a hog roast here at Hog Roast Newtown. Our pulled pork made fresh from a whole roasted pig is the perfect filling to a roll on those barbecue weather days. We want to hear all about your preference for roast, though. We might just be able to get it to you for your perfect seasonal event soon!

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