Hog Roast Quinton Was Back At The Drive-In!

Hog Roast Quinton was recently invited to handle one of our busiest gigs since the lockdown rules started to ease, and if you know us well enough, then you’ll know that we couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough!

Over the phone, the event manager Dawn had explained that her booking was in aid of an open-air movie night and with stringent social distancing laws to abide by, she had been doing her research on responsible catering services that offer top-quality food in the area, which led her straight to Hog Roast Quinton.

hog roast QuintonHaving taken inspiration from the American tradition of movie drive-ins, the client quickly took an interest in our Southern Slow Roast Menu, which delivers three tantalising meat choices, served with boozy, smoky and spicy sauces, four delicious sides and a selection of wholemeal and gluten-free bread rolls. Dawn felt that the menu had been made with her in mind, and she very quickly settled on our Texan 24 hour beef brisket, Cajun-spiced whole roast chickens and fall of the bone Louisiana sticky pork ribs for the main, followed by Memphis style crunchy coleslaw, Greek salad and butter-dripping corn on the cob with a meat-free addition of grilled veggie and halloumi skewers with flatbreads and tzatziki dip.

With as many as 200 cars set to descend upon the venue, with at least twice as many guests inside, Dawn agreed with our catering manager that it was vital a plan was put in place to prevent a build-up of people anywhere on-site. The solution they arrived at was staggering the serve across the evening and introducing a one-way system to prevent those in the queue from doubling back after collecting their food.

Hog Roast Quinton spent the whole day preparing for the evening service. Meanwhile, Dawn and her fellow event organisers set our social distancing stickers and arrows to keep the guests right. They had also set up a track and trace system at the check-in.

The hours leading up to the showing flew by, and Hog Roast Quinton is pleased to share that all the hard work put in by both sides paid off, meaning everyone got to enjoy a safe, delicious meal in view of the big screen!

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