Hog Roast Tipton Canapés revamped!

Having the time through the pandemic has meant that the catering managers at Hog Roast Tipton have had the chance to reflect on the menus. One of the menus that they have had the chance to revamp is the wedding menus canapé section. Hog Roast Tipton have removed unpopular choices and replaced it with an amazing new one – fish and chip canapé as well as recreating a popular favourite, halloumi.

The Hog Roast Tipton fish and chip canapé is divine! Homemade beer batter with added sparkling water to keep it super airy and light. The batter coated fish will get fried fresh on site alongside the chunky chip piece. It is served on a stick with the option of tartar sauce. We’ve tried these out at training sessions, and they have been fully enjoyed by all who have one! The team at Hog Roast Tipton are excited to serve these at upcoming summer events.

Initially the halloumi option was small chunks on a skewer coated with caramelised onion chutney and served with caramelised onions on the board to scoop up. It has now been revamped to be easier to eat. A garlic infused olive oil gently brushed over the croute with a tomato salsa with the halloumi chunk laying on top with a spoonful of red onion marmalade.

Hog Roast TiptonThe remaining canapés are the super popular ones that the guests delve into and enjoy immensely such as smoked salmon infused with lemon juice laid on some brown bread dusted with fresh lemon zest and a sprinkling of dill and cracked black pepper, the great thing about this canapé is that it compliments reception drinks such as Prosecco and champagne. Another crowd pleaser canapé is the fillet of beef, a fillet steak cooked with a hint of pink and chopped into a chunk to fit into a mini homemade Yorkshire pudding, a dash of horseradish is added to the Yorkshire and beef and it’s finished with a sprinkling of fresh chives – delicious!

Whichever canapé choices you make, you and your guests will be sent to heaven with how luscious they all are.

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