Hog Roast Small Heath’s Stunning Standalones

Hog Roast Small HeathWhile Hog Roast Small Heath offers our customers the flexibility to create your very own menu, by mixing and matching starters, mains, sides, desserts and even handmade canapés, we also have a range of standalone menus that you can choose from. We designed our standalones to include something for everyone, so you’ll see that we also offer options for special diets if needed, such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, which you can request when you book, but in terms of our main standalone menus, here’s the low-down so you can find out more about what they provide.

We have four main Hog Roast Small Heath standalones, including our Alfresco, Loaded Fries, Southern Slow Roast and Traditional Barbecue, and one of them even includes our signature food of a hog roast centrepiece. Whether you’re thinking of having one course served at your next party or event, a three-course feast instead, or something in-between, we’re sure one of these tempting menus will be just the ticket.

Our Alfresco is our standalone that features a hog roast main but it also includes Italian-style antipasti platters to start, sides to accompany your main, and two desserts to boot (which you choose in advance), while our Loaded Fries menu is the ideal choice when you’re just after a filling main. The chips are freshly cooked and topped with your choice of pulled pork or beef brisket, a zesty slaw or a spicy one, as well as melted cheese and jalapenos – if you can stand the heat.

Our Southern Slow Roast gives you three different meaty mains, which are all marinated in our special rubs, as well as four sides, and you get to choose your favourites when you book, such as minted lamb, sticky pork ribs, Cajun chickens, mac and cheese, gourmet coleslaw, a Greek salad and corn cobettes. On the other hand, our Traditional Barbecue comprises burgers, sausages, ribs, chicken kebabs, salad, coleslaw and sweet potato fries or chips.

With one of these standalones or your own menu instead, Hog Roast Small Heath can make all the difference to your next special occasion, so call us today to see how.

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