Pigs, Pancakes, And Perfect Portions For Your Pancake Tuesday With Hog Roast Deritend

Hog Roast DeritendThere’s no greater occasions on the calendar than the ones that are specifically for celebrations of delicious food, and Pancake Tuesday is no different. Across the UK we all love getting together on this one day of the year and doing our best not to mess up or flip our pancakes wrong; it is a great event for the year to enjoy dessert foods and pancakes in good company before we then limit ourselves at Lent from such niceties. At Hog Roast Deritend, we of course love pancake Tuesday as much as anyone and are always here to make your own pancake celebrations even better with our catered foods and desserts. With our expert chefs at the helm, there’ll be no sad pancakes hitting the floor from a pan toss!

For your pancake Tuesday events we can even supplement the day with other courses before the pancakes too. Others might call it “fat” Tuesday, which with our hog roasts that name may prove more apt as we put out a huge feast of incredible foods to “pig” out on. And of course for the pancakes themselves we can also experiment with a range of styles.

Hog Roast DeritendWhether you are a savoury pancake eater or a sweet our fresh range of toppings and fillings can have you creating the pancake of your dreams. Ever considered a pancake with a fresh pulled pork? Well with Hog Roast Deritend there’s no better opportunity to experiment. Or perhaps you are all about piling your pancakes high and drizzling delicious syrup, cream, and bacon over. Hog Roast Deritend can provide for those tastes too. Pigs and pancakes are already a perfect match, so what other caterer could be better for your pancake Tuesday than Hog Roast Deritend?!

And of course we know that part of the magic pancake Tuesday is in getting to flip your own pancake, so if you do want to try your hand then our chefs are more than happy to step aside and give you a crack at it – they may even have a few tips for the perfect toss. But those will only come if you call Hog Roast Deritend today for your event!

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