We Love To Cater For Everyone

If you fancy treating your party guests to something a little bit special, calling Hog Roast West Bromwich is an excellent decision to make and that’s even if a hog roast isn’t quite your cup of tea! While we’re proud of our signature food that we perfected over a long time using our own brand of equipment, we’re just as proud of the alternatives that we make for our customers and their guests, as well as many additional options that we have on offer in case you’re thinking of having various courses.

Hog Roast West BromwichOur hog roasts are made using local, top-quality meat, which we freshly prepare on the day of your party or event directly at your venue before it sizzles away at a low temperature for ages. What we then get after hours on end is soft and moist meat that falls off your fork and melts in your mouth, as well as crispy, salty crackling made from the skin, and we’re often asked to add morsels of both to fresh wraps and rolls in order to make pigs in buns (which is what we call hog roast rolls), together with our homemade apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. Admit it, your taste buds are tingling at the thought!

We’re also often asked to make a sit-down meal out of it, where the meat and crackling are joined by your choice of seasonal vegetables, a potato selection and trimmings of apple sauce, stuffing and our onion gravy. But what if you’re hankering after a different kind of meat instead? Hog Roast West Bromwich can do you just as proud with spit-roasted turkeys or chickens or a hunk of lamb or beef if you prefer, or we can let you know all about our standalone menus like our Southern Slow Roast, Barbecue, Loaded Fries and Alfresco.

If you’re inviting guests on special diets, we have some lovely options available, like vegetarian halloumi and veg skewers, vegan pulled jackfruit and even gluten-free pigs in buns. Hog Roast West Bromwich loves to cater for everyone invited so simply let us know your needs when you book and we’ll help you to choose the best dishes for all of your guests.

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