All About A Hog Roast Edgbaston Machine Hire Service

If you’re thinking of hiring equipment so you can have your own DIY hog roast, either at home with a few of your friends or family, at a different venue of your choice or if you’re a professional caterer yourself and you need to cook for your clients, look no further than Hog Roast Edgbaston. We have our own factory where we build a range of top-quality, stainless steel hog roast machines, each with their own advantages, and they’re all hand built with simplicity and ease in mind. Over many years, we’ve perfected them to also be easy to move and lightweight and they also work like conventional ovens so you can cook so much more than a hog roast if you prefer too.

When it comes to catering for your customers or cooking for your loved ones, it’s great to have versatile equipment that does all the hard work while you sit back and take all the credit and with Hog Roast Edgbaston hog roasters, you certainly get this and so much more. You could be roasting your own pig (or a different animal or a bird if preferred) at the top of the machine, while inside, you cook the rest of a delicious plated meal, like fresh, seasonal vegetables and all kinds of potatoes. Our machines are so adaptable that you can use our attachment to cook barbecued food like burgers, sausages, ribs or fish instead, and you can even cook pizzas in there if you so wish!

One of our new Hog Roast Edgbaston rental customers, Bryan, needed to be sure that he could cook in this way, as he had never done so before, so he was happy to hear that when we drop off a machine at the venue of your choice (which is included in the price, as is collection afterwards), our dedicated professional will show you exactly how to use it and can give you tips on the food that you’re cooking. We can even supply the meat if needed, too, for an extra cost.

Bryan rented one of our smaller machines on Saturday to cook a hog roast for his wife’s birthday party and when we collected it on Sunday, he was so happy that he booked in another hire for next month too.


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