Corporate Opportunities for Hog Roast Quinton’s BBQ

Even though summer is officially over, and Autumn has arrived, Sue decided that she would opt for Hog Roast Quinton’s BBQ menu. It catered to her needs perfectly, covering all of her workforce’s eating requirements. For example, it covered vegans with colourful Mediterranean vegetable skewers, it covered vegetarians with tasty Halloumi skewers, and it covered religious requirements with the flavourful Thai chicken skewers.

Hog Roast QuintonWith Hog Roast Quinton’s BBQ menu, you are in for a feast. It starts with your usual BBQ meats, sausages and burgers. Meaty and flavoursome sausages and burgers that fill the bun. Go big or go home. In addition to these menu items, Hog Roast Quinton includes tender and juicy marinated chicken kebabs, usually done with a sweet rub and BBQ sticky ribs -yum!

All of Hog Roast Quinton’s BBQ meats are made at the catering managers local butcher shop. The type of meats depends on the hosts requests. For instance, Sue had asked for a mixture of herbed and plain sausages to keep people happy. She had also asked for a chicken marinade with a bit of a kick to tantalise the taste buds and asked for beef ribs over pork ribs. Sue was thrilled that all her requirements had been met. Happy workforce equalled happy Sue!

On the side, Sue’s workforce enjoyed crispy chips, tasty Greek salad and Coleslaw. The homemade coleslaw was a particular hit, and the chips went down a storm. Having these extra’s is standard for Hog Roast Quinton’s BBQ’s. To accompany the burger and sausages, slices of cheese and cooked onions were presented. The Monterey Jack spicy cheese was especially a hit with the men of the team.

A selection of sauces and rolls are also standard for any of Hog Roast Quinton’s menus, and it was served on environmentally friendly wooden plates. Hog Roast Quinton’s catering manager always ensures there is plenty of food. Sue managed to come up for seconds, having a taste of all that was to offer.

It was a successful ‘late’ summer party for the staff. Sue promised Hog Roast Quinton that she would be having them back for Christmas.

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