Happy Halloween with Hog Roast Edgbaston

Halloween is upon us. Half term has arrived. What does this mean? Party time for Hog Roast Edgbaston. Halloween parties are the best, the team at Hog Roast Edgbaston enjoy seeing the costumes people create and come up with and even get their hands on! The favourite costume to beat is an inflatable T-rex, they came up for food without the ability to hold the plate and the attempts to pick up the plate was hilarious to watch, of course the team helped out so that George, who was sporting the T-Rex outfit could eat! 

Hog Roast EdgbastonHog Roast Edgbaston’s first Halloween party was for Clive. Clive had decided on Hog Roast Edgbaston’s mega BBQ menu due to the large number of children that would be attending his party as it also catered largely to adults. Clive was particularly excited about the pork ribs! 

The BBQ menu is mighty feast that has the traditional sausages and burgers, but expands to tantalising chicken kebabs and tender, sticky BBQ pork ribs. It includes all the favourite extras such as cheese and onions. The feast doesn’t stop at the meat, the menu includes two salads and chips as well. The salads are prepared fresh on site and the chips are fried fresh on site so that they maintain their crispness. The salads are not just lettuce in a bowl but rather Greek salad and coleslaw. The Greek Salad is particularly delicious made up of tasty cherry tomatoes, mixed olives, cucumber, red onion and the icing on top of the cake – feta cheese! Hog Roast Edgbaston

Clive was correct, he clearly knew what the children were like as they all went for the usual BBQ hot dogs and burgers with ketchup and a side portion of chips. Most of the children kept away from the salads apart from a handful who picked out the cucumber and left it as that. 

The adults fully indulged in the menu with most having a go at all four meat options with a side portion of chips and both the tasty salads. The sticky BBQ pork ribs went down a treat with the guests and the Greek Salad was a flavour-filled hit as well. The chicken kebabs were a welcomed extra, especial for Clive’s wife and mum who only tend to eat white meat. 

Hog Roast Edgbaston believed that the best costume was the lad dressed as Frankenstein! 

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