Hog Roast Stourbridge – The Perfect Hog Roast Machine For You!

Here at Hog Roast Stourbridge, we have designed our own range of hog roasting machines and we hand-build them in our factory in Lancashire. They are the same machines that we use when catering parties and events ourselves and we also rent them out to other professional caterers and budding domestic cooks too. What you may not know is that we also sell our hog roast machines, both new and used, as well as other brands too…

Hog Roast StourbridgeWhen it comes to buying your own machine, either to use with your own business or to cook at home with, Hog Roast Stourbridge is a truly wise choice. They were designed by and are built by chefs for chefs. We know that owning your own can be a large investment to make, which is why our professionals will walk you through our range and talk to you about the machine or machines suited to your own needs, even if that’s a different brand to ours, as we want you to be completely happy with your purchase.

Nevertheless, one of our own could well be the perfect choice for you, as they are extremely versatile, being able to cook much more than hog and spit roasts, including various potatoes, vegetables and even pizzas, as they work like conventional ovens. They are easy to use and easy to move, and all run on gas so you don’t need mains electric to cook with one. One of our used machines may even be the better solution for you, as they are refurbished to a high standard in-house by our engineers and come with the same 12-month warranty as our new machines.

One of our long-term customers Sandy came to see us at our factory and showroom recently, as he was thinking of adding to his collection of hog roast machines that he uses with his wedding catering business. After a tour and watching one of our machines being built from scratch, Sandy talked to our professionals in the showroom and left with one of our new Platinum machines, which can easily cook two pigs, four pork legs and 200 baked potatoes – all at the same time! We’re sure it will do his customers proud.

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