Welcoming The Mayor With A Canape Arrival

A local park that prides itself on the stunning and varied collections of plants and trees in its immaculately maintained gardens, was on the verge of unveiling its latest exciting addition: their very own tropical garden with extremely exotic species of flora, that looked more like they belonged in a rainforest! This long-awaited addition was the pride and joy of the team of horticultural experts who had worked very hard to get it looking absolutely perfect, and they had used all of their vast knowledge to get it just right. It was time to finally unveil their magnum opus to the public and they felt it warranted making special day of it! They decided to invite the local mayor to officially open the new tropical garden and they also wanted to provide some top-notch grub to mark the occasion. They needed a catering company who could provide elegant food outdoors and when they found out about the quality of our locally-sourced ingredients, they hired Hog Roast Ashted immediately!

Both the mayor and the Hog Roast Ashted team were delighted with their request and we couldn’t wait to see the fascinating new addition to the park’s already impressive collection of gardens. It certainly lived up to our expectations and it was a lovely spot in which to slow roast our premium pork and freshly prepare a selection of our delicate handmade canapes, including mini quiches, gourmet sausages and wild mushroom bouchees.

We don’t just cook in a vacuum when we are catering at events-we are aware of everything that is going on around and we take every detail of the event into consideration, to ensure the timing and style of our services fits the rest of the proceedings like a glove! As always, we timed the completion of our meal perfectly with the mayor’s arrival and after the grand opening had taken place, the mayor and the public were welcomed into the tropical paradise by our own waiting staff with a tray of canapes!

The new garden and the food were incredibly popular with all of the visitors, and the gardening team told us they wished Hog Roast Ashted could become a permanent feature of their latest creation!


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