Celebrating A Promotion With Hog Roast Redditch’s Famous Pork Rolls

Hog Roast RedditchHog Roast Redditch can provide all kinds of deliciously tempting dishes that will dazzle the guests invited to your next event or party, and not just the signature hog roasts that we are famous for. While our pigs in buns and plated hog roast meals are hugely popular with our customers, we are also aware of the need to offer much more, to satisfy the dietary needs, personal tastes and varying appetites of your guests. Whether you need a healthy or gluten-free option, or something altogether different, our dishes for diets ensure that everyone gets to be well-fed, and our starters, desserts, canapés and side dishes will satisfy even the biggest appetites on the day.

Even though Hog Roast Redditch easily caters for diets and with supplemental dishes, we are also sometimes asked for alternative meat mains too, either in addition to or instead of a hog roast. We can cook you spit-roast chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, use our machine attachments to barbecue gourmet sausages, 100% beef burgers and ribs or serve flavourful meats that we have marinated in our secret recipe rubs and then cook for hours on end on the day of your special occasion. So regardless of what you have in mind for yours, our catering services will be certain of exceeding your expectations.

When Carl asked Hog Roast Redditch to cater his informal party, to celebrate a promotion together with some of his friends, he knew he wanted a simple but tasty menu served, and one to satisfy all his guests and he knew that would be our trademark pigs in buns. We make these by adding fresh, hot meat and salty crackling to bread rolls and top with stuffing and apple sauce, both our homemade treats, and then you and your guests devour them with relish and always head back to us for more.

With just nine people invited to the gathering at Carl’s home, our chef could cater this by himself, and he arrived several hours before service in order to prepare and cook the pig perfectly. By 5pm, the guests had arrived to some amazing aromas and a great sight for sore eyes, and our chef got the carving knives out, ready to impress everyone.

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