Hog Roast Bartley Green for a Cider Tasting Party!

Hog Roast Bartley Green got the chance to show off the quality of our locally-sourced pork this weekend when we were asked by a regional cider producer to provide one of our high-quality hog roasts to accompany the cider being sampled at the launch party of their new summer selection!  The cider producers couldn’t think of a more fitting catering option to help them show off their new range to the local restaurant and bar owners they had invited to try before they buy. We agreed that there could be no better enticement than some of our slow-roasted pork to whet their clients’ appetites as they sampled the cider on offer! The cider-makers also felt that Hog Roast Bartley Green’s commitment to using only the very best ingredients available in the local area was another reason to choose us, as this would help to emphasise their own core values when it comes to only using local ingredients, which has always been a major selling point for the cider they produce. So, with the locally-made cider being showcased side by side our equally local pork, the brewers were sure they would gain a lot of extra business for the summer season!


The event took place at their own premises and involved a tour of the site, a question and answer session about their production methods, topped off with the chance to sample the best of their new tipples, accompanied by our tender and tasty pork, crunchy crackling and our own apple sauce, which is made with apples that are as locally-sourced as those used in the cider! They also loved the fact that we could provide a corporate standard meal at their own venue, allowing the cider makers to demonstrate to their clients exactly how local their manufacturing process is. They were impressed with our minimal set-up and how we spent several hours patiently preparing the meat, but still managed to time the serving of the buffet perfectly with the end of the tour! The local cider makers had a very successful day and thanked the Hog Roast Bartley Green team for the part we played in helping them to showcase their product so effectively!

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