Hog Roast Hockley – Spring Dining Now Available

We’re fully into spring now, the colder weather has burned away and the sun has returned to bring us some bright shining days. We’ve already experienced a mini heatwave these past days/weeks and we have a hankering for far more now. Goodbye Winter; hello sunny Springtime!

When there is warmer weather we all want to get back out and lounging in the sun, or enjoying a drink or two with friends out in the pleasant air, or to indulge in a park picnic with family. All this is a perfect combination merely to say that outdoor event dining is getting back underway with Hog Roast Hockley, and we can’t wait to get going again for all of your events in Spring! Our specialist hog roasting menu can be enjoyed anywhere, but we always find it works best in the natural outdoor setting wherein our hog roast can really be appreciated for the smoky, aromatic and fiery spectacle that it is! Plus, with outdoor dining comes barbecues too, so get on over to Hog Roast Hockley and enjoy a better way to dine at events now!

Hog Roast Hockley We’re available for all kind of events this Spring. Do you need an Easter dining menu that adds a touch of style and better quality to the day? Hog Roast Hockley has you covered? A wedding that still needs that finishing touch with expert service and unique dining for your reception. Not a problem, Hog Roast Hockley are the best in the business for wedding catering. Or maybe your company is looking to celebrate the beginning of the second quarter; Hog Roast Hockley has special business services to provide corporate event catering to business owners all across the UK. We work big and small with local and global partners, and we can help you today too!

Spring gets the flowers and the trees blossoming again, and so too are Spring events blossoming once again with the top quality event catering services of Hog Roast Hockley – so grab yours now with just a call or message any of our socials or our site!

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