Not Just Hog Roasts With Hog Roast Bartley Green         

Hog Roast Bartley Green is famous for our fabulous hog roasts, as well as our spit-roasted meats too, like turkey, chicken, lamb and beef, but we also provide much more for your party or event if needed too. From handmade canapés served first to homemade desserts served last, and everything in-between, like tasty starters, mains and sides, and even alternative options for those on special diets and additional options for people who prefer something a bit different, we have it all.

Hog Roast Bartley GreenWhen Jenny asked Hog Roast Bartley Green to cater her party at home recently, she asked us to cook a summer barbecue outside in her garden. We cook in all sorts of weather, including in the winter months, and we even cook in the rain, as our handy gazebo shelters our team and our equipment. On this particular day, however, we actually needed the gazebo to shelter us from the hot sun instead!

On the day of Jenny’s party, our Hog Roast Bartley Green chef and catering assistant made their way to her home address and set up our hog roasting machine, serving table and trusty gazebo. While we are famous for our hog and spit roasts, we are also very well-known for other food, and that includes our chef’s own gourmet sausages and 100% beef burgers, both of which we make from scratch.

We can also barbecue other food if needed, such as ribs, or even fish or vegetables, and Jenny had asked us to cook sausages, burgers and veggie skewers. Our skewers are suitable for vegetarians, full of tasty halloumi, tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette, mixed peppers and red onion, and we serve them with pitta bread and a lovely dip. We also provide fresh bread rolls and wraps for the carnivore guests to enjoy their meat too, as well as various condiments and lots of serviettes of course.

Just prior to the guests arriving at Jenny’s party, our team had cooked up a storm with the burgers, sausages and skewers, and once everything was laid out on the serving table, it was finally time to serve up some delicious grub to the hungry guests.


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